Custom Home Plans

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Custom Home Plans

The custom plans and design process starts with an initial interview to create a thorough wish list for your project, followed by a plan proposal for you to review. Once the proposal is approved and signed, a deposit will be collected. We then begin to develop Preliminary Drawings to scale using Chief Architect, a professional 3D architectural home design CAD software. The Preliminary Floor Plan is modified until the customer approves. We then begin drawing elevations and creating 3D representations (upon request), while corresponding back and forth until the plan perfectly fits your family or project needs.

The cost of our Custom Design Services varies depending on the project scope, location, complexity, and drawing sheets needed. A typical custom home project starts around $1.50 per total under roof square foot, and up. Our home renovations and additions, and commercial projects are quoted per project.

What Is Included In Typical Custom Plans:

  • Complete dimensioned and detailed Floor Plan.
  • Front, side and rear elevations at 1/4 ” scale. All elevations include notes, dimensions, and recommended materials.
  • Roof View Plan.
  • General Electrical & HVAC Layout.
  • Section Drawings showing construction cut sections & cabinet wall views for an additional fee.
  • Foundation Outline: Typically, our plans will show a concrete foundation slab with footings and no crawlspace. Alternate foundations can be added on most plans for an additional fee.
  • We also provide Site Plans, 3D Views, Color Renders that include specific colors and materials for an additional fee.

Whats Not Included:

  • Mechanical Duct Layout or Manual sizing (A/C).
  • Electrical Service Size & Panel Schedule.
  • Soil Test with Recommendations.
  • Additional Reproduction/Copy Costs.
  • City/Parish Permit or Plan Review Fees