3D Digital Design

Jeff Burns uses a top rated, leading architectural design software to produce professional CAD drawings and 3D renderings that clearly communicate the design in the field. Every successful building project should start with a good plan to ensure everyone involved understands exactly what you want and expect. When designing and building your new home with Jeff, you will be involved in every aspect of the building process.

Unfortunately, very few homeowners are familiar with plans and construction, which can cause costly and time-consuming miscommunication. While a good contractor will break things down for you, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some basic home building knowledge to help better understand the process. One of the most important traits to possess is ability to understand the plans which have multiple pages that each represent a specific purpose essential to the construction process. Below are examples of pages found within a plan and concise descriptions for the purpose of each.

Floor Plan

Floorplan includes dimensions, walls, sizes and locations of all rooms, doors, plumbing, electrical, and other built in features.

Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet includes a table of contents, renderings of what your home will look like upon completion, and general client information.

3D Renderings

3D Renderings give you a realistic representation of what your home will look like upon completion, as well as help to better communicate with your builder and sub-contractors in the field.

Elevation Drawings

Elevations Drawings showcase interior walls and the elements they include, such as fireplaces or cabinets. They also show the exterior walls with associated materials details and dimensions.

Cabinet Sections

Cabinets Sections show specific design details by room.  

Cross Sections

Cross Sections show a section of the home sliced from roof to foundation. These renderings allow you to see important structural elements from additional points of view.

Roof View

Roof View shows the top roof view and pitches.

Site Plan & Foundation Outline

Site Plan & Foundation Outline shows the foundation footprint and the footing locations.

3D Views

3D Views show life-like representations of the rooms as they are designed.

3D Panorama

360 Panorama captures a full 360° view of the design as if you were standing in the center of the room and looking around. 

One of a Kind

If you have an idea or concept for a project, Jeff can help you come up with a design and bring your idea to life. Shown here is an example design of a property entry that also acts a memorial.