Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize or make changes to a stock plan?

If you would like to make changes to a stock plan, you can contact us directly at and we will give you a quote on the cost of the requested changes.

What is included in our stock plans?

When you order a set of digital printed black & white prints you get the following:

  • 6 sets of black & white copies on 24”x36” paper.
  • 1 set reduced and printed on black & white 11″ x 17″ paper.
  • 4 Exterior Elevations drawings of exterior walls including details, materials, and dimensions.
  • Floorplan includes dimensions, walls, sizes and locations of all rooms, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and other built-in features.
  • Monolithic Slab Foundation Outline.
  • Electrical Layout Plan.
  • Roof Plan.
  • Most stock plans include some 3D views. *Please ask and confirm to be sure.
  • Most stock plans also included Cabinet Section details showing specific design and details by room. *Please ask and confirm to be sure.
  • You will also receive a digital PDF file of a color render book. This includes full-color renderings to better communicate with your builder and sub-contractors in the field.
  • You can also purchase an additional PDF digital plan file of your house plans.

What’s not included in a stock plan?

  • Mechanical Duct Layout or Manual sizing (A/C).
  • Electrical Service Size & Panel Schedule.
  • Soil Test with Recommendations.
  • Foundation Design & Engineering.
  • Additional Reproduction/Copy Costs.
  • City/Parish Permit or Plan Review Fees

What design process do we use to produce our stock and custom plans and designs?

We use a top-rated, leading architectural design software called Chief Architect to produce professional CAD & construction drawings and 3D renderings that clearly communicate the design in the field.  Every successful building project should start with a good plan to ensure everyone involved understands exactly what you want and expect.

How to order a stock plan?

To set up the purchase of a stock plan, please email us at Please include the name of the stock plan and changes you would like to have done, if any. This will give us an initial idea and scope for your project.